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Educational & Historical

In addition to education and fiction, you can also select children's historical books and photo books that explore contemporary times. ESCHAR Publications helps your children develop a love of books in a variety of genres.

Chemistry Quickies


Fun learning in 5 minutes is what this book offers. You will use "Chemistry Quickies" to reach these goals: Self-teach through questioning techniques; refresh your memory; reinforce ideas already introduced; jumpstart discussions; study for quizzes or tests; play games with family or friends, and enjoy learning new facts. Over 300 questions show you how delightful chemistry can be. This book is the ideal tool for teachers, homeschooling parents, tutors, academic team coaches, students, and anyone who loves games or answering trivia questions.

Price: $13.95 plus shipping
ISBN# 0-9623839-7-X
Author, Vivian Owens
Softcover: 1998

Parenting For Education


This educational how-to book is written in simple, easy-to-understand language. Seventy-seven concepts are presented as separate articles. Through these articles, parents learn how to recognize a disorganized child, but they also learn how to organize the disorganized child. Practical guidelines for starting learners on the right track are offered: writing foundations, reading rights, reasoning logically, training the memory and lots more. Motivational by nature, the purpose of PFE is to influence parents to play an important role in their children's education.

Price: $21.95 plus shipping
ISBN# 978-1-929221-01-1
Author, Vivian Owens
Softcover: 1989

The Mount Dorans


In this book, meet people who journeyed far beyond the stereotypical barriers of racism, even poverty and under-education, to make zenith contributions to small-town living and the masses of humanity.

Price: $18.95 plus shipping
ISBN# 0-9623839-8-8
Author, Vivian Owens

Schooldays at Milner-Rosenwald


In 2004, the Northeast Black History Committee of Mount Dora, Florida presented an historic photo exhibit of school life in a small, segregated town. With a history dating back to the 1920s, Milner-Rosenwald Academy, the African American school started with funds from the Rosenwald Foundation, was anything but ordinary. Photos tell a story of the emphasis placed on academia by the entire community.

Price: $5.00 plus shipping
ISBN# 978-1-929221-00-4

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