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Reading Is a Privilege
Your Children Deserve

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Stimulating African-American Children’s Books

Educational experts agree that children who are good readers do well in school. And this is especially true when they can relate to the material they read. Give your son or daughter a learning boost with inspirational and entertaining African-American children's books from ESCHAR Publications of Mount Dora, FL. We believe that each child and each parent is important, and we offer books that nurture creativity, promote cultural understanding, and stimulate the intellect.

Cultivate your child’s imagination
by ordering our books.
The Rosebush Witch The Mount Dorans Parenting For Education

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Invest in our books
to help your child learn.
The Man Who Hid Christmas in a Shoebox Nadanda the Wordmaker How Oswa Came to Own All Music

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Order children’s books
that entertain and inform.
I Met a Great Lady Schooldays at Milner-Rosenwald A Woman's Life

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Offering books that nurture creativity, promote cultural understanding, and stimulate the intellect.
Create A Math Environment Revised Chemistry Quickies

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Cultural Motivation

A major reason that children develop a fondness for reading is the feeling that they could be the main character in their favorite books. Children enjoy re-imagining their own world and exploring different life experiences. And while people all over the world enjoy African-American music, food, art, and history, many have not been able to read about these cultural mainstays in books. For this reason, our publishing company is committed to children's literature that focuses on the African-American culture. Expand your child's learning opportunities with books that have timeless appeal.

About the Founder

Author and founder Vivian Owens is a former teacher. She began writing children's literature for her own kids because she couldn't find any books that reflected African-American culture. In fact, at that time, less than 2% of books published in the United States focused on the black experience. The first books she wrote focused on showing parents how they can contribute to the educational success of their children. Now our library includes a diverse selection of books that inform and entertain young minds.

Parenting for Education