Eschar Publication About Us

Founded in 1988, Eschar Publications began with the basic premise that it could provide books and workshops to help parents in their quest to find ways to improve their children's academic performance. Later, by 1994, Eschar Publications realized a growing need to provide African American children's literature.

Founder, Vivian Owens, organized Eschar Publications as a one-author publishing company. However, in 1992, Eschar made an exception when it published A WOMAN'S LIFE by Tarnie G. Tarry. Through the years, the company has served in an advisory capacity to assist other writers in starting their own publishing houses.

Today, Eschar Publications remains a small business, publishing books and other educational materials. In addition to our own website, Eschar books can be found on Amazon, and we branched into publishing a few e-books on Amazon Kindle. Several of our books have received recognition as "Resources in Education." Children's Literature, NADANDA THE WORDMAKER, won a Best Book Award from Writer's Digest the year it was published; and our latest book, PARENTING FOR EDUCATION: REVISED EDITION, won awards from Mom's Choice Awards and from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association in 2013

We are happy that you have chosen to read our books.